7 Awesome Reasons Why Falling In Love In College Is The Best

College life is the best part of our entire life. We make friends, learn new things and fall in love. And college love is the best kind of love. Here are 7 awesome reasons why falling in love in college is the best.

1. They are together throughout the day and get to know about each other’s little habits
These tiny habits make them fall for each other.


2. They live firsts of adult life together
Be it hangovers, late night assignments, first solo trip or first kiss, they live through most firsts of their adult life together.

3. They aren’t scared of the future when they are together
They don’t worry about future and live their life to the fullest.

4. They can adapt to each other’s ways easily
They are young and pretty much open to have new experiences.

Couples baking cake

5. All their friends are a part of their story too
Starting from their happiest moments to the lowest, their friends are their support system.

6. They grow up with each other
They know about each other strengths and weaknesses and they stay together even in the tough situations.

7. College is the perfect place to love
College life is all about exploring you self and having fun. And in this journey if you find someone who understands you completely, it is the best thing ever.