7 Honest Reasons Why No Guy Wants To Date You

1. You are too serious

Be more chill, a little laid back. You are too much into having a serious conversation with someone whom you consider your future partner. You are more considerate about yourself than the other person, nobody prefers someone who can’t even spare 2 minutes to laugh.


2. You think about the future more than the present

Nobody wants to think about the future all the time. When you say “future”, they will run.

3. You have kept your standards way too high

You want everything to be perfect like a fairytale, you demand time, you always want to spend every minute with your partner, and you want to check on them all the time. That is the reason they run away from you.


4. Flings are a big No-No for you

Yes, flings are not everyone’s cup of tea. If someone just wants to have a little fun with you, you are not ready for that. You always need commitment and sincerity.

5. They just don’t like you

Yea there it is! They simply don’t like you. There are not interested in you. No reason.

6. You are not his first priority

You want someone who keeps you above everyone and everything. You can’t accept if he doesn’t do that. You demand importance; he couldn’t care less about it.


7. You deserve a Man and not a Boy

You need a man, who keeps you first in everything, someone who cares for you and give you importance. A good man will always stand by you and will never leave you in middle of nowhere. Someday when you meet such a man, you will get to know so will he.