10 Adorable Gestures Every Girl Should Make For Her Guy

No, it’s not always the duty of a man to surprise his lady love with romantic gestures. Intact, women should also take the charge and make efforts for their guy. Show bae some love with these aww-dorabe gestures.

1. Surprise office lunch
Give him a surprise by getting his favorite dish from his favorite restaurant delivered to him at office. This will make him really happy as the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right?


2. A Handmade card
Make a cute ‘I love you’ card for him and leave it on his bed or in his closet. Trust us; this will be his best start for the day.

3. A movie date
Take him out on a movie date without letting him know. Watch his favorite movie together and spend some quality time.

4. Rose petals trails
From the front door of his house, spread a trail of rose petals till his bedroom. By watching such a beautiful room, his all tiredness would go away instantly.

5. A handwritten letter
Believe it or not, nothing can replace the handwritten letters as they are the most romantic way to express your love to someone. So, pen down your feelings about him in a letter and mail it to him. Let love blossom.

Creating todo list

6. A recorded message
Record a cute message on his phone and save it. When you are not around him, ask him to check his voice recorder and let him be surprised.

7. Dedicate a song
When you both are out at a party or at a bar, dedicate a song to him by going up on a stage. Leave him stunned by your magical voice.

8. A random gift
Be it a new book by his favorite author or his favorite PS3 game; give him a surprise random gift on a random day. Put a note on your gift saying, ‘becoz you are really special to me.’


9. Create a song playlist for him
If you can’t express your love for him in words then don’t worry music is there to help you out. Create a playlist of songs you want to dedicate to him on his phone. Ask him to listen to that playlist when you are not around and those songs would be the best music for his ears.

10. Little notes
Say it with post-it. Put few notes inside his gym bag, or stick few on the fridge or on the bathroom-mirror. He will be surprised by getting cute love messages al around the house. Isn’t that cute?