10 Easy Tips To Be A ‘Bad Girl’ In Bed

1. Let Your Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Being sexy is a state of mind, so get started before reaching the bedroom. Smile at him, touch him and say sexy things to let him know that you want him tonight.


2. Be A Leader

One of the prime rules of being a bad girl is to be confident always. Initiate things and lead him in the bed. Instead of waiting for him to start the things, kiss him first and see the magic!

3. Wear A Sexy Outfit

Your outfit is also an important part of your performance. Send him a picture of you wearing super sexy lingerie before you both meet. As we said above that before going to the bedroom, you have to start it way before.


4. Dirty Talks

From our side, dirty talking gets two thumbs up! Grab his hand and talk dirty in his ear or send him naughty texts before two of you meet each other. No, we are not saying you to go all out with dirty talks, just do it as per your comfort level.

5. Use Naughty Props

If you want to spice up your regular bedroom routine then using props can really help you in achieving the purpose. You can use simple props like a stole or tie to add excitement to your big night.

6. Strip And Tease

When you are in the bedroom, the best way to build up anticipation is stripping. Take your clothes off slowly and one by one. By this, you are letting your partner know that you are not in a mood to sleep early tonight.


7. Keep It Unprompted

To be a bad girl, do things spontaneously and unprompted. Don’t plan or think too much and just go with the flow. Don’t stop yourself and do whatever you like.

8. Bad Girl + Bad Boy = Perfect Night

You being a bad girl is not enough. It will be much better if your guy could also turn on his bad boy mode with you. Say in his ears what you want him to do to you and encourage him to do so. Lead him but also gives him the opportunity to do things in his own way.

9. Don’t Sugarcoat Things

Bad girls never sugarcoat things, remember this! Be direct and outspoken in bed. Tell him clearly what you want, how you want it and ask him to give it to you. This will be very much exciting, and you will get the sense of control which you thought never exist.


10. Keep Experimenting

Always keep on trying something new and experiment with things. Try different positions or the ways to touch him which will turn him on instantly. Bad girls like experimenting so, give it a try. Who knows, you might love it!