6 Tips And Tricks To Be Irresistible To Men

On this planet, which woman doesn’t want to be irresistible to men? But not everyone succeeds in this. No, we are not talking about those beautiful girls with a charm of a retro heroine in colleges but rest of the girls who struggles with makeup and get their elbows injured while trimming off the skin hairs.

In the subject of attraction, there are no shortcuts but there are few qualities in women that guys really like. And to help you out with that we at divazine have compiled a list of 6 tips to hook the guy.

1. Be Confident

A girl should be confident enough to sway the guy. If you have confidence in you then you can even pull off a burlap sack as a show-stopper. A perfect figure is a myth! So, accept yourself as you are and be confident in your actions.

2. Be Mysterious

Every time you meet a guy, have something to talk about. Never tell all your past affairs, talents, fears, on the first date only. Have couple of meetings and reveal yourself slowly and steadily.

3. Be An Extrovert

Men don’t like drama in their lives but they do enjoy gossips with their women. And this doesn’t mean that you have to boast someone else in order to get appreciated by them. Tell them more about yourself and not about your bestie’s boyfriend.

4. Be Gentle

Men don’t like delicate women. So, be their partner in crime and get involved in things with them. Be tough at times and also show them your gentle side. Make pranks, drink alcohol but keep your feminine side intact.


5. Be Independent

An independent girl is attractive to men. They prefer a woman who is not helplessly dependent on them. Be what you want to be, achieve your dreams and don’t depend on any man to fulfill your wishes.

6. Maintain Eye Contact

It is a fact that, eyes lead you to the soul. While talking to a guy look into his eyes and hold the gaze. Let your eyes do the talking and he will feel more important when you will maintain the eye contact with him.