Beauty Habits You Must Have By The Time You’re 20

We all know that our beauty is influenced by our daily habits. And if you want to look like the best version of yourself then there are few things that you must do. Maintain yourself and make some efforts to get closer to your dreams of clear skin and lush locks. Here are 10 beauty habits that every girl should have by the time she’s 20!

1. Exfoliation

Take exfoliation seriously! By removing dead and rough skin, it gives you smooth skin which further can absorb lotion and moisturizers better. Be it your breasts, lips or underarms, exfoliate everywhere.

2. A fixed makeup routine

Figure out a makeup routine that works well for you. A liner or mascara that makes your eyes look pretty, a lipstick that lifts your spirits or a BB cream or foundation that brightens and evens out your skin tone. Your routine should not make you look made up.

3. Mix and match your conditioner and shampoo

In order to keep your hair in the best shape, you must use the perfect cocktail of products. And to address various concerns of hair, using different products for your hair is quite a great idea.

4. Silk pillowcase

Friction on your skin and hair can be caused by regular pillows which further results in wrinkles and frizz. Thus, to avoid this, using a silk pillowcase is a better idea as it is quite gentle on our hair and skin when we toss and turn every night.

5. Not sleeping with your makeup on

We all know this rule but we still ignore it. And you can’t get healthy and clear skin if you don’t take this rule seriously.

6. Wake Up Your Skin

To wake up your skin, leave it glowing and fresh and to beat the heat, use a facial mist. Bright up your tired and dull-looking skin by running ice-cubes over your face.

7. Use a hair mask

Use a good hair mask weekly to eliminate frizzinees, dryness and split ends from your hair. Hair mask gives you shinier and silkier locks by repairing and hydrating it effectively.

8. Serum is the savior

A serum or facial oil keeps your skin hydrated and makes it look fresh, glowy and young. Just a drop of it a day is more than enough. It penetrates your skin effectively and gives you desired results.

9. Cleansing

For healthy skin, clean your sponges and makeup brushes after every couple of uses. Not doing so, can give you an irritating skin and can cause ugly breakouts.

10. Don’t compromise on your beauty sleep

When you sleep, your skin rejuvenates and repairs itself to look its best. So, stop staying up late and binge watching your favorite TV shows.