8 Beauty Hacks You Should Never Try

There is no doubt that internet is full of beauty hacks but not every hack is useful. Some of these hacks can harm your skin and can make you look awful. Wondering what hacks we are talking about? Here’s the list!

1. Using your mouthwash as a foot soak
Dead skin and dryness lead to flaky skin on the feet. It is also quite possible because of fungus and bacteria. Consult a dermatologist if it happens or for its treatment, use pumice stones.

2. Toothpaste to combat acne
When acne occurs, over-drying your skin is not a good idea. It will only lead to long-lasting marks by causing more burns, inflammation and redness.


3. Using deodorant as a primer
No matter what your skin type is, using deodorant as a primer canmake your skin dry and irritating. According to your skin, use a matte finish BB or CC cream.

4. Popping a zit with a sharp object
This will only leave a mark! To accelerate healing of the zit, go for a Tricort injection.

5. Using lemon to treat hyper pigmentation
Hyper pigmentation can’t be treated with any kind of home remedy. Rather use sunscreen to prevent all types of hyperpigmentation.

6. Using baking soda to rinse your hair
You are causing permanent damage to your hair by washing it with baking soda. For healthy hair, oil is necessary thus, you should do a little champi with oil atleast once a week.

7. Applying a glue-based mask to get rid of blackheads
Chemicals present in the glue are quite harmful for the skin. Visit a dermatologist for a formal blackhead extraction and avoid doing it at home.

8. Rubbing garlic on a pimple will make it disappear
Both your eyes and skin will get irritated by rubbing garlic on your face. Some home remedies are far better than garlic if you want to disappear your pimples.