Sexting 101: The Beginner’s Guide to Sexting – Get Naughty!

When you are interested in a boy and want to get physical with him but not right there at the moment then here is where sexting comes! If you want to get a little bit naughty by sexting him then here are few sexting tips for the beginners.

1. Recheck Your Text

Don’t get too involved in the heat of the moment that you forget to proofread your own text and send something wrong. Thanks to auto correct, wrong typos can really ruin the mood of your partner.

2. Choose Your Pics Wisely

It is not necessary that if he asks you for a pic, then you only have to send a nude one, NO! Pick your pics wisely, so you don’t have to regret your decision later on. You can send a sexy shot of your cleavage or a gorgeous outfit you are wearing to excite him.

3. Set A Particular Time

Both of you should decide an appropriate time when you can talk peacefully because we are sure that you definitely don’t want to get in the trouble at the office or at your home where your parents might say “we need to talk”! Set up the same timings when you both are free and can text in privacy.

4. Little Bit Of Mendaciousness Is Okay

Yes, we know that telling a lie to someone is a bad thing, but when it’s come to sexting, then it is pretty okay.  So, even when you are wearing an old pajama, you can still tell him that you are wearing sexy lingerie.

5. Be Yourself

While texting, you don’t have to follow the every single step which other websites advise you to do so. There is no need to say out those words with which you are not comfortable. Sexting doesn’t always have to be an erotic one.

6. Don’t Be A Despo

Never, ever jump on that quickly; rather have a light and casual conversation first. You can say things like you are missing him or getting bored. Slowly take the conversation forward and reply according to his mindset.

7. Keep Sexy Promises For The End

Sometimes, ending a sexting conversation becomes a little bit awkward. So, the best way to end it is promising him anything that you both will talk about when you guys are together next time. This will surely get him a sound sleep.

8. Don’t Get Carried Away

It happens with everyone that we get carried away with the flow and keep on sexting things which have in our mind as we don’t have to do it physically. But when it comes to doing it in real then you feel uncomfortable which is not right.

Girl using smartphone

9. Turn Off The Text Preview

No, you can’t be careless in this. We are tech savvy enough to find out how to turn off the text preview or otherwise you can Google it. Sometimes, we are careless with our mobile phones, and other people can peep into your phone, and we are sure that you really want them to know what your partner wants to do to you next.