9 Signs Your Boyfriend Is With You Only For Sex NOT Love

You’ve been going out with this cute guy for quite some time, but there’s something missing. You are not sure about his feelings. You don’t know whether he actually likes you or is it just the sex that he wants. Here are 9 signs to know if it’s just the sex that he wants from you.

1. All your conversations lead to Sex

No matter how serious the topic is; it ends to sex. He doesn’t like to have serious discussions or any discussions for that matter.

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2. You never hang out with him outside

All your plans involve staying at home and doing it. You don’t go to movies or dinners. You have never had even one single date with him.

3. You’ve never met his friends

You don’t know who his friends are. You’ve never met them or his family. It’s like he’s keeping you a secret and nobody in is circle knows about you.


4. He calls or texts you only at night

The only time he remembers you is at night when he has nothing to do. Other than that he will never call or text you just to talk.

5. He never shows interest in your life

He never asks you about your day. He never remembers a single thing you told him. He basically has no interest in your life.


6. You don’t know anything about his life

Apart from your life, he doesn’t talk to you about his life too. You don’t know how he spent his day or what makes him happy. Nothing. It’s like you’re sleeping with a stranger.

7. He disappears for days and shows up randomly

There have been times when he just disappears for days and shows up after a long time. That too only for sex. Your number of calls or texts will be ignored during that time.


8. He never cuddles

After or during sex he never cuddles. He doesn’t like to hug you or hold you. He just tries to get off the bed as soon as the sex is over.

9. He never wants to stay over for the night

He leaves the house the moment sex is over. He has never stayed over or let you stay over. Then, ladies, you’re just wasting your precious time and energy.

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