7 Common Underwear Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Stepping out wearing the wrong underwear is the worst thing you can ever do. It can look very gross as wearing a tight dress over wrong underwear is the biggest fashion blunder. Choosing the right underwear is also an art as it is available in different styles, size, and looks. At the same time, all these sizes and styles should also fulfill your needs.
That’s why we have compiled a list of 7 common underwear mistakes which you should avoid while choosing the right underwear for yourself:

1. Not Wearing The Right Size

Wearing the wrong size underwear is nothing less than a nightmare. If you wear small-sized underwear, then it will cause friction and pinch in your skin whereas over-sized underwear will look really bad if you wear a well-fitted dress.


2. Wearing Wrong Underwear According To The Dress

Always pick right underwear according to your dress. Be it thongs, bikini-style, seamless or low waist- underwear is available for every kind of outfit.

3. Ignoring The Instructions

Each underwear has a label on which washing instructions are printed. Generally, people overlook these instructions and wash the underwear with hot water and harsh shop; never-ever do this because it can damage the fitting and quality of the underwear.

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4. Not Replacing Worn-out Underwear

Like every other thing, there is also a certain life of your undies. Once they start looking old, faded, worn out and have crossed six to eight months then it’s time to put them in a bin. You must change your worn out underwear in every six months.

5. Not Choosing The Right Fabric

To get that sexy look, you can wear satin and silk underwear in the bedroom but don’t wear it all day long as this stuff can cause chafing and rashes. Pick a cotton or satin free underwear for daily use. The main purpose behind using the right fabric underwear is that your crotch should be lined with cotton.


6. Not Taking Off Underwear At Night

Don’t wear underwear while sleeping and let your vagina breathe.

7. Wearing Sweaty Panties

Don’t wear same worn out, sweaty and dirty panties next day. We sweat all day long and wearing the same panty again is highly unhygienic and prone to cause infection down there. Change your panties twice a day if you sweat excessively. Always wear a clean pair of undies after and before the workout.

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