5 Diet Tips To Reduce The Menstrual Cramps

Being on periods sucks! Your body hurts; you get menstrual cramps and you are bloated. Be it craving for a particular food or unbearable cramps pain, periods are nothing less than a test of your will power. Thus, to make you feel relaxed and ease the pain of menstrual cramps, here are 5 diet tips for every girl.

1. Say no to coffee

Coffee is not only soothing and warm but the caffeine present in it makes your uterus tight and helps blood vessels in contracting. And all these things lead to even more painful menstrual cramps.

2. Avoid white grains

Your mom might have told you to not to have rice during your periods, right? The reason behind this is that inflammation can be caused by consuming rice. Not only this but it also interferes with the sugar levels of blood.

3. Take a break from Ice-cream

Eating ice-creams on periods leads to severe cramping as it also cause inflammation. Being a diary product, it is also high in fats and can make your bloated body look more bulky.

4. No french fries

Keep those yummy french fries away on those painful days. They result in water retention and bloatness of stomach as they contain sodium in high level.

5. Brownie is a myth

Be it chocolate-fudge, brownie, cookies or donuts, everything is packed with trans-fat. They all are responsible for worsening the period cramps and bloating as they increase the level of estrogen in your body.