5 Difference Between Sex & Making Love

We all want to know if making love is another word for sex or if there’s a real difference between both of them, right? Here are the answers of 5 people telling the difference between sex & making love. Read on to know!

1. ‘Commitment and emotional investment are the most common differences’
Yes, love making is sex between two people but it is more than the physicality of it. It is usually done on an emotional level which is found between two people who truly love each other.


2. ‘Love making is a term used to make sex seem more special’
Just to make sex seem like a beautiful and loving feeling, this term is used by people who want to stay together forever.

3. ‘The difference exists in the minds of people’
It basically depends on the mindset of people who think that love can only be expressed through one particular kind of sex and every other kind of sex is dirty.


4. ‘Sex is a neutral term and love making is a tender term’
Love making describes tender, loving sex. It includes adoring your partner and their body.

5.  ‘Sex is instinctive whereas love making is seductive’
We all know how to do sex because it is biomechanical. But love making is ‘Art of Seduction.’