9 Ways To Organize Your Little Bedroom With These Amazing DIY Decorating Ideas

1. Brighten the roof

Just lighten up your small cosy room with a hanging lamp decorated with tiny fairy lights and watch the dazzling lights over your bed.

Light night lamp

2. Stick the makeup kit

Organizing your make up products can be a hassle. So just pull out an iron tray and stick the magnets under your makeup products. Voila! It will look so organised.

Make up board with magnet

3. 2-Tier the space

You can easily keep the things over a table but it may cover a lot of space and will look like a mess. Just grab a stool and you can keep the things over it. You can also decorate the stool to make it look more beautiful.

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4. Part the ways

Keep your lingerie in an organised way to make your life easy. Just cut a cardboard and create a pattern in the drawer and here it gives you some hassle free idea.


5. Use the closet door

The closet door can be used in numerous ways to organize your messed up room. Put hooks, magnets or rods and store your jewelleries, scarfs or hoodies.


6. Bag the display

You can use small paper bags to make a storing space. And if you love to decorate things then go ahead to use your imagination to get that perfect room set.

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Use bag as a storage

7. Book towers

Save your space and give your room a cluster free space.


8. Hang a rod

Don’t worry if your wardrobe is already piled up with clothes. Just fix a hanging rod outside and there comes more space to hang your clothes.


9. Multipurpose shelf

Add a vintage feel to your room with this spectacular DIY idea. Just take a wooden ladder and paint it to keep that in your room. Now you can either use it to hang clothes, or you can also stack up clothes over it.


Isn’t it interesting?