9 Easy Fashion Hacks For Every Girl

At some point of our life, we have all wished of fixing fashion faux pas without much trouble. But, be it shoes scratches or an oil stain, something or the other keeps on going wrong and fixing all these blunders is not an easy task. Thus, to make your life easier, here are few absurd yet simple fashion hacks every girl should know!

1. Spilling of a drink on your clothes at a party

Dip a tissue paper in vodka and rub it gently on the spot. And if red wine spills over your dress then sprinkle salt on it. To neutralize the effect of red wine, you can use white wine as well.

2. Marks on your shoes

Clean your suede shoes by using a nail file or stale bread. To remove the stubborn marks from your shoes, run both of them individually against the surface. Apply Vaseline or olive oil to restore the shine.

3. Toothpaste for canvas shoes

Clean your white shoes with tooth brush and paste to make them new again. And to protect them from getting dirty in rainy season, create a layer on top of the shoes by rubbing beeswax all over the surface. After it gets settle, wear them.

4. Jewellery cleaning

You can clean your jewellery in different ways but this one is the easiest quickest and gives you desired results. Take a piece of cloth, pour some ketchup on it and wipe the trinket clean.

5.  Blow dryer for ironed clothes

No iron? Don’t worry; you can still wear ironed clothes! Sprinkle water on your dress and remove the creases by using a blow dryer. Neat out the collar of your shirt effectively with a hair straightener.

6. Dry tea bags to remove bad smell from shoes

Your sneakers are most likely to smell bad after intense and long workout sessions. So, put dry tea bags in your shoes overnight and get rid of bad odour.

7. Hairspray for tights

A pair of thin tights has huge chances of tearing. Before wearing it, spray hairspray all over it to make it stronger and to prevent it from tearing apart. And to prevent torn spots from ripping further, use nail paint.

8. Dish-washing detergents for cloth stains

Dish-washing detergents do a fab job in removing oil stains as they contain strong cleaning agents. Makeup remover can also be use for the same purpose.

9. To get rid of sweat patches

Around the armholes of your clothes, fix a panty liner and wear it. Use lukewarm water and crushed aspirin or lemon juice to remove existing sweat stain.