10 Easy Ways To Flirt With Your Crush Over Texts

For some girls flirting with a guy they like over texts is quite easier than flirting in person. So, if you are also one of those girls then here are 10 effective ways to flirt with a guy over texts. Keep your texting game on!

1. Let him know he is on your mind

Telling him so will make him feel that he is special to you. He will be happy and look for more ways to grab your attention.


2. Use cheerful emoticons in texts

Bring a smile to his face by using a lot of happy faces and winks in your texts. Let him know he makes you happy by this sweet gesture.

3. Take his name while texting

Use his name more often in texts. This is a subtle way of flirting without going OTT.

4. Change his sexual craving of you

Play with his mind and don’t send outright sexual texts. Talk about naughty stuff with simple text as it can leave a great impact on his mind.

5. Keep your texts short and sweet

He will get bored, if you’ll write long paragraphs and essays. So, short and sweet is the best form of texts.

6. Don’t flirt in an obvious manner

Don’t make you flirtations seem obvious. Just go with the flow and take things forward slowly.


7. Compliment him

Who doesn’t like to get compliments? Shower him with compliments and let him know that you admire him for his qualities.

8. Don’t be desperate to get his attention

Let him wondering if you like him. Don’t say ‘yes’ quickly if he asks you out for the movie. Rather say, you are not sure or you’ll try!

9. Don’t always text him asking to meet you

He’ll think that you don’t have a life or nothing else to do, if you keep on sending him texts only asking to meet you. So, don’t be that desperate.

10. Avoid being clingy

Don’t text or call him again if he is not responding to your texts. If he really wants to talk to you then he’ll reply or call you back. As you can’t force someone to love you the way you do.