Here Is How You Can Make Coca-Cola Edible And It’s Delicious

Things you need to get started:

1. Adhesive Tape
2. Scissors
3. Knife
4. Unflavored gelatin
5. 500 ml Coca-Cola

Step 1: Pour Coca-Cola in a pan and mix two tablespoons of unflavored gelatin and stir it well.

Step 2: Boil it until it starts bubbling and turn off the fire.

Step 3: Now, cut the empty coke bottle and make a large slit vertically so that that you can open up the bottle and wrap up the bottle with the tape.

Step 4: Pour the boiled coke into the bottle and place it in the fridge. Wait for it until it’s frozen.

Step 5: It’s ready to serve 😀

Watch this video for step by step procedure in detail.