10 Effective Ways To Attract A Guy Even If You Are Too Shy

No, you don’t have to remain single even if you are really shy because there are still few super cool ways to get a guy. If you really like a guy and are afraid to tell him then here are 10 effective ways that you can use to get the guy you are crushing on.

1. Confidence

Guys get attracted to confident girls quickly so, be confident and clear while talking to him. Take the imitative if you really like him without expecting him to take the first step.


2. Dress to impress

When you are planning to meet him, wear a dress that looks best on you. Dress classy and woo him with your style statement.

3. Hair

Brush your hair properly and make sure that they smell nice too. Hair is the best part of a girl’s body and you can use it to impress your guy.

Girls flying hair

4. Accessories

A girl looks more beautiful with jewelry. Be it a classy necklace, a simple pair of earrings, a watch or a bracelet; pair your outfit with accessories. But avoid wearing too much heavy jewelry.


5. Makeup

Keep your makeup light. Simply go for kajal, eyeliner, lip gloss or a lipstick. Don’t wear too much makeup as guys like simple girls with natural beauty. He should not like your makeup but you.

6. Smile

Show interest and pay attention to him while talking. Make him fall for you through your beautiful smile.

7. Share your thoughts

You can create a good bonding between both of you by sharing thoughts. A good bonding leads to a good relationship which has the chances of lasting long. Share your interests and hobbies with him and try to know his too.

8. Maintain eye contact

Maintaining eye contact while talking to him shows that you are really paying attention to him and are interested in what he’s talking about. So, be supportive and show interest.

9. Right attitude

One thing that matters a lot is your attitude. Be humble with him and if you don’t like anything he says or does then tell him politely. Don’t be too aggressive and handle things rightly.

10. Just be yourself

Being yourself is the best way to attract a guy towards you. A person should fall in love with you for who you are and not for whom you pretend to become.