9 Things Every Guy Will Love To Hear In Bed

1. You are so large!

This is going to make his day, guys are very much conscious about the size of their pen*s, call it big and you made him reach on the cloud 9.


2. Appreciate his moves

Just keep notifying him that he is doing good, say like ‘you are so good at going down!’. This little reassurance that you are enjoying it will turn him on and perform better too!

3. Tell him; he can have all of you

Telling him that he can do whatever he wants, is probably the best thing you can ever tell him.


4. Talk dirty to him

I am a dirty girl in this dirty world la la la. Don’t be shy, discuss the dirty stuff with him in bed, he is going to be crazy now!

5. Make those sexy noises

It’s a dream of every guy to satisfy his girl, so show him he can satisfy you. Moan, moan and moan. Make those sexy little noises to turn his world upside down.


6. Shout his name like it’s your favourite word right now!

This will give him the satisfaction of satisfying you! Make him believe that he is the best thing that has ever happened to you.

7. Tell him about your dirty dreams, and he’ll make them true!

Guys tend to be thinking that they are responsible for everything in bed, so tell him about your fantasies and dirty dreams, and he’ll put his all efforts to complete them.


8. Try to be creative in there

Just be ready to try new things in bed and let him know this. Try naming his pen*s; he’ll surely love it.

9. Tell him it’s the best night you have ever experienced!

Like we girls need to listen how beautiful we are. Likewise, guys need to listen how good they are in bed. Giving him the “best” tag will make him the happiest person on this planet.