7 Eye Make-Up Mistakes You Should Stop Making

So you wanted to pop your peepers with eye make-up but ended to make them look tiny and tired? Yes, we know you didn’t do it intentionally; you just applied dark eyeliner and smoldering eye shadows due to which your eyes are hardly visible now. Our eyes also look droopy with the way we apply eyeliner on them. So to have beautiful eyes, here are few eye makeup mistakes which you didn’t know you were making.

1. Applying Kohl On The Waterline

We all apply kohl on the lower waterline, and this technique is good if you have almond shaped eyes as it makes your eyes look piercing. But if you have small eyes then you should not use this method. Go for a nude liner, instead of Kohl, to line your waterline as this will make your eyes look bigger.

2. Not Curling Eye Lashes

Yes, curling lashes is quite difficult, but you have to get over this fear. Only a curler can open up your eyes without using any other product.

3. Using Dark Eyeshadow On The Inner Corner

Do not use a pigmented color on the inner corner of your eye as that part is already dark. Go for a pearly cream eyeshadow to make your eyes pop and to brighten up those inner corners of the eyes.

4. Not Applying The Right Concealer

You should buy concealer for your under eye according to the undertone of your dark circles. Use a peachy tint for purple or blue colored circles and pinkish tint for green circles. These colors will help you in hiding the fact that your eyes are tired.

5. After Applying Mascara, Curling Lashes

If you don’t want clumpy lashes intentionally, then don’t curl your eyelashes after you have applied mascara. But if you do so, you will only be getting mascara traces all over, and we are sure that you don’t want that, right?

6. Not Using Primer For Eyeliner

Along with making your eyeshadow stay, primers also hold your eyeliner. Even when you don’t want to wear eye makeup, just apply primer on your lids and see how your peepers will pop up instantly.

7. Not Applying The Right Cat Eye

Always keep the line upward whenever you are lining your eyes in an extended cat-eye style. Your eyes can look smaller and droopy when it’s lined downwards.