Here’s What Facebook Profile Of Your Guy Says About Him As A Boyfriend

Social media can tell us fascinating things about people. It is quite helpful when you are into someone and try to figure out if he is worth your time or not. For this purpose, it is necessary to read in between the lines. Here’s what his facebook profile say about him as a boyfriend.

1. DP

DP with friends: This shows that he is a party animal and likes hanging out with his friends. But you should think twice before falling in love with him if he is out of college and still posts part pictures every day.

b) DP in office: No, don’t consider him as a boring guy just by seeing his DP. He might be Facebook friends with his boss which depicts that he is responsible about his relationships,.

c) Adventure junkie: He likes trying new things if he has more profile pictures of mountain trekking or scuba diving. He values his freedom and at the beginning of your relationship, this is what you should acknowledge.

d) DP with a girl: This one is the most confusing. Is she his girlfriend? Sister? Friend? If she also has the same surname then she is her relative otherwise you should tread carefully.

2. How often does he update his status?

He loves to connect to the world if he updates his facebook status and dp frequently. He likes socializing and hanging out with friends. On the other hand, too many updates can be a turn-off. Moreover, he doesn’t think much of social media if he posts one update in a few months.

3. What does he write in his updates?

What does he write in his updates is extremely important to see. If he is always writing about problems his life problems then he is a man who is always complaining.

4. Where all has he been checking in?

You must check what kind of places he is visiting. He likes his nights wild and crazy if he is always checking-in different clubs and parties. But a guy who can balance between calm cafe evenings and wild pub nights is the best kind of boyfriend.

5. Does he have a lot of friends?

This means that he is good at making friends and can hold conversations. Brownie points! Because you will not be the only one who is trying. On the other hand, he likes his small circle of trust if doesn’t have too many friends.

6. Does he take quizzes and post results?

If he is posting too many of them then it means that he is competitive in nature. Now, it depends on you how you turn this in your favor.

7. Does he play games on Facebook?

Few game posts show that he likes having fun in real life. But he is a bit distracted if he plays game non-stop and spams you with those game requests.