8 Thoughts Every Girl Has When The First Friend In Her Girl Gang Is Getting Married

It happens that you have a group of girlfriends who are your friends since childhood and you believe that you all are totally inseparable. But there comes a point where one of these friends decides to get married and start a new life.

Her parents and relatives are happy and you are also excited about her dreamy wedding. Suddenly you realize that she will be having a new family, new relatives, new house, new friends and she might forget you. In this situation, lot of emotions goes through your mind and thus, we have curated some for you. We are sure you’ll relate to each one of them.

1. ‘What? How? Why?… and many more questions that follow’


2. ‘You freak out and can’t accept the fact that she is getting married. Are we that old?’

3. ‘In between of all these feelings, you get excited when she utters 3 magical words- partying, shopping and dancing’

4. ‘You want to plan her bachelorette party in Goa’

5. ‘Now to met your friend, you have to make a REAL plan’

6. ‘And you get excited by the thought of cute boys and dance at the wedding’

7. ‘She is going *sob sob*’

8. ‘Is it my turn now?’