10 Times Every Girl Wished She Was A Boy

1. When she is not allowed to travel

While her brothers and other male family members travel whenever they want to. All girls get to hear is “Shaadi ke baad karna travel”.


2. When she is expected to return home before it gets dark

Because the world is not safe for her after it gets dark. Why ? Because of some of the male gender of her species.

3. When she is asked to not laugh so loudly

Or burp or even talk at times. “Ladki hoke aise kaun karta hai?”

4. When she is always expected to behave like a princess, coyly and with shame

Because girls carry “Ghar ki izzat”


5. Whenever she is on her periods

As if all the other things weren’t enough, girls have their own personal tummy crusher. Yaaay for the period cramps, discomfort and irritating week.

6. When she is always expected to look beautiful and flawless

Also, an evergreen dialogue she gets to hear “Don’t be a tomboy, ladki ho, agar thoda make-up karlogi toh kitni sundar lagogi.”

7. When she is expected to know cooking and ghar ka kaam

Kyunki the world may go to the moon but a girl’s primary duties are “ghar ka kaam”. And it’s okay if a guy doesn’t know these things.

Girl cooking

8. When she is stopped from opting off-beat careers

“Photographer ? Bartender ? Are you out of your mind ?” When girls do it, they just excel at it and show the world how it is actually done. So quit stopping them already.

9. Whenever she goes for the dreaded ritual of waxing and threading

And that’s when every girl wishes she was a grizzly bear instead. Hairy, natural and carefree.

10. When having male friends and drinking beer or smoking made people go ‘Tch tch’

Hahahaha… *Cries Inside for the sorry state of the world we live in*