9 Ways To Add Golden Glint Of Shimmer To Your House This Festive Season

With the beginning of the season of festivities, the time comes when your home also needs a makeover, and the celebration starts with adding sparkle to every nook and corner of the house. Here are nine innovative yet cost effective ideas to add a spark to your rooms.

1. The Midas candles

Why choose simple candles when you can light up your room with candles designed with glitters? Your house will glow with the elegance of these beautiful candles and will give that Midas touch to your dull room.


2. Frame the glitter

Keep the memories intact on the bedside table of your room with these decorative and vintage golden frames, which will surely give a shine to your old memories.


3. Reflect the spark

If your white wall is craving for a beautiful wall-hanging to complete it, then you must decorate the empty wall with this sparkling mirror and enhance its beauty.


4. Glowing art

A painting can express thousand emotions. Give your home décor a classy side to this artistic work which will enhance the core style of your room.


5. Light up the space

Add a charm to the roof of your living space this festive season with this enigmatic lamp which will miraculously beautify the ceiling of the room.


6. Words of gold

Decorate the bare walls of your room with the words which inspire you and give a creative DIY look to the blank space.


7. Tick Tock

Let the time be the golden moment for you this festive season with this golden wall clock perfect for that bare white wall in your living space.


8. Royal comfort

Add some spark to the monochrome shades of the room with this gold colored cushion which will surely grab the attention.


9. Luster the wall

Decorate the darker walls of your room in the traditional way by hanging this authentic wall hanging to elevate the beauty of the room.