9 Steps Guide To An Ultimate Strip Tease (Just Blow Away His Mind!)

Do you want to blow away his mind by doing an ultimate strip tease? Then gear up to put on a magic which he will never ever forget throughout his life because we at divazine have come up with super sexy strip teasing tips for you that will definitely make him awestruck. Believe us, his priceless expressions following your strip tease will be worth of all the efforts you will put in to make that epic strip show. Read on to surprise him, ladies!

1. Use Right Kind Of Lightening And Music To Set The Stage

Once the stage has been set perfectly, then the right mood will follow it. Make a playlist of groovy and slow songs and to give a sensual feel to the room, simply dim those bright lights. Because stripping under the white tube lights or bright lights is kinda weird.


2. Wear A Sexy Outfit And Increase The Excitement Level By Stripping

Don’t opt a saree for strip tease because it may look sexy but stripping down to a petticoat is not at all sexy. So, whenever you are layering up for the strip tease, be careful of what you want to reveal because that is what your guy is looking forward to!


3. Pick Up The Hottest Lingerie For The Strip Night

Always get the hottest lingerie for this occasion because he is not going to forget this time really soon. In order, to make this night really memorable, if you have to wear that not so comfortable thong then go for it without any second thoughts.

4. Appropriate Accessories Can Make You Look Super Sexy

Never ever underestimate the power of accessorizing. Strappy heels and delicate stockings can really make you look badass. Just spice up the environment little bit through accessories

5. Before You Start The Strip Show, Let Him Think About It

More than a naked woman, the idea of woman unclothing herself turns on men more. So, before starting stripping, let him know about your naughty plan in the middle of a busy day. His imagination will help your case further.

6. Practice Few Dance Moves To Be A Sexy Stripper

Watch YouTube tutorials and take inspiration from them. Starting from how to give a lap dance to slow dance moves, plenty of videos are available online which can be a great help to you. Practice some dance moves, see what you are good and repeat it.


7. Play Sexy Games With Him And Get Naughty

Involve your guy in the act too buy playing sex games with him. From truth and dare to strip poker, you can play anything you like to take his clothes off too.

8. Keep Your Best Moves For The End

End your strip show with a dramatic walk out. Lead your guy to the bed by showing your best moves in the end. Just allow his hands to take over.


9. Be Confident And Have Fun

Yes, it is a performance for which you also have to prepare a bit but at the end all what it matters that how much fun you guys had. So don’t feel bad if you look silly or have missed on few points because it’s completely all right. Simply enjoy with your guy.

Get Set Naughty, Ladies!