10 Things Your Boyfriend Secretly Wants To Do To Your Boobs

There is no single straight man on this planet earth who doesn’t love boobs of a girl. Believe it or not, they want to explore your boobs in different ways. Yes! They may not say this out loud buy they really want to play with the boobs.

Here is a list of 10 things which men want to do to your boobs.

1. Stare At Them For a Long Time

Guys find boobs gorgeous and the least they want to do is just look at them for a longer time and appreciate their beauty.

2. Press Them

Yes, this may sound juvenile, but this is pretty true. Boobs are firm, soft and perky and guys just want to keep their hands occupied with your boobs.

3. Bite’em

Not a hard bite but little nibbles which won’t hurt you and you will also feel good. Guys are always greedy to bite your boobs as for them they are delicious in taste.

4. See Them Bouncing

Guys like watching your boobs bouncing. So, if you are running or jumping then there must be someone who might be probably watching you.

5. Make Them Their Pillow

Men are too tempted to bury their face in a girl’s boobs. According to them, boobs are beautiful, warm and soft, so they want to get the best sleep on your chest.

6. See You Touching Them

Not only they want to touch your boobs but also want to see you touching them too. They feel that the way girls squeeze, touch, stroke or pinch their boobs is super hot.

7. Gaze At Pictures Of Boobs

Even though when you are not with your boyfriend, he still wants to see the boobs. They want you to send them boob shot and would love to get clicked when they are touching or licking your boobs.

8. Boob Job

Guys simply can’t get over the feeling of filling their hands with your boobs and touching them against their faces. Even feeling them against their sensitive points is much hotter for guys

9. End On Them

It may sound weird to you, but if you could let your guy finish it off on your boobs at least once, then he will be grateful to you. No kidding!

10. Poke them everywhere and anywhere

Guys just can’t get over boobs. They want to touch them everywhere, anywhere and always.