7 Honest Reasons Why Spending Too Much Time With Your Spouse Can Hurt Your Marriage

Too much of anything is not good as striking a balance in life is quite important. Similarly, spending too much time with your partner can also hurt your marriage. Read on to know how!

1. Both of you lose your individual interests

After a point in time, when you spend too much time with your partner, you marriage becomes boring. Apart from your own spouse, you must also find enjoyment and satisfaction in other people and things.


2. Resentment is caused by lack of privacy

Lack of privacy in marriage gives birth to feelings of resentment. In a relationship, everyone  must have the freedom to pursue their own interests independent of their spouses.

3. Expecting too much

You start expecting too much from your partner when you start spending most of your time with your spouse. This happens because you don’t have any other sources of enjoyment and relaxation apart from your partner.

4. Your all needs are not met

You can’t expect one person to meet all your needs. You both are different individuals and have separate lives. And similarly expecting your spouse to meet all your needs is an absurd thing.


5. Feelings of powerlessness

You will get feelings of weakness and powerlessness if you are depending too much on your partner for everything. You’ll start feeling inferior in your marriage.

6. You’ll buried under the burden of being solely responsible for your spouse’s happiness

This burden will generate feelings of resentment and you’ll get exhausted with your marriage.

7. Quality of time spent is compromised with quantity

Even after spending every weekend with your spouse, you will feel that you haven’t spent enough time with him. And you feel this way because you are compromising quality over quantity.