9 Tips That Can Help You Sleep Well At Night

1. Do not keep your important work and tasks pending for the night

For a good night sleep, you should have a stress free mind, important works can give you stress as you have particular goal and deadline to complete.


2. Fix your body’s internal clock

Keep your body’s internal clock set with a consistent sleeping schedule.

3. Avoid Gadgets such as smartphones, laptops, etc. at least two hours before your bedtime

According to research, blue light emitted by gadget screen obstruct your body rhythms, and it messes up with melatonin which distructs the sleeping patterns.


4. Avoid drinking tea, coffee or any drink that contains caffeine

It leads to insomnia.

5. Have healthy food for dinner

Do not eat junk or heavy food at late night to kill your hunger because your body needs a healthy diet.

6. Keep your room temperature cool

A bedroom that is too cold or too hot can interfere with quality sleep.


7. Make sure your bed is comfortable

Try to use a good quality mattress and do not use too many pillows.

8. Follow muscle relaxation techniques

Starting with your toes, tense your entire body muscle as tight as possible and then completely relax it.

9. Follow before bed breathing tips

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, then slow breath and continue making each breath deeper than the last one.