12 Things Our Boobs Would Say If They Could Talk

1. Can you tell that dude to stop staring at us?

Yup, I am sure our breasts, just like us, get really grossed out by the constant leeching and staring.


2. We hate button down shirts

Not a fan of anything that presses down upon these twins.

3. I’m being stabbed to death by underwire

Ouch! Underwire is the price we pay for indulging in fancy lingerie.

4. We think you need to go for a bra sizing

It’s been months since you measured your breasts. And now your breasts are falling out of your bra. They definitely need to be re-measured.


5. You don’t support me the way you used to

It’s probably a sign that your bra is stretched all out of shape.

6. Can you turn up the heat or put on a sweater?

You know what happens to boobs when it’s cold!

7. Please mistress, can you free us from this cage?

Bras and breasts have a love-hate relationship, which would be funny if it wasn’t painful.


8. You brushed your hand against me, and now I am dying

You know the days before your period when your breasts ache and nipples extra sensitive?

9. We found a piece of popcorn

Hands up, if you found a biscuit crumb or popcorn in your cleavage.

10. Why is my sister prettier than me

I am sure, one of the breasts has an inferiority complex about the other.


11. Wear the black shirt; it makes us look good

We have one shirt/top that really makes our boobs look great!

12. The blue shirt makes us look weird

There is one shirt that does not sit quite right. Avoid it!