Your vagina is an important and a sensitive part of the body. It is beautiful and the way it is and doesn’t need any kind of pampering. You may worry about keeping it clean and fresh and so on, but in reality the healthy balance is already going on. In fact, too much of cleaning or trying to make it look better can spoil things for you. Here are 9 things you definitely keep away from your vagina.

1. An electric tooth-brush

Use a vibrator for god-sake. But never put in any kind of household items. It’s dirty and unhygienic.

2. Any sharp objects

The supply of blood inside of your vagina is really strong. A small cut can result in heavy bleeding and the huge amount of loss of blood.

3. Fruits and Vegetables

No matter how amazing this sounds and no matter how many stupid jokes you have heard related to this, never put any fruits or vegetables inside. For starters, they have pesticides and putting them inside means putting those pesticides inside. Then imagine what if some bits and pieces are broken and left inside only, it will be bad.

4. Vaseline

It’s preferred as a lubricant but trust me it’s not. It will just get your vagina infected and cause you irritation or even worse.

5. Chocolate syrup

Yes, it’s delicious, but it’s equally bad. All the sugar can alter yeast and bacteria proportions and can cause infection. Your vagina will get irritated and can cause further problems for you.

6. Steam

This might sound comforting, and all but this can be harmful to your vagina too. Steaming might enhance the blood supply but can also result in some kind of burns and further infecting the area.

7. Hair removal cream

Yes, it’s an easier solution than shaving or waxing, but the cream has a lot of chemicals in it. These chemicals can cause you allergic reactions and make your sensitive area go itchy.

8. Douches

Your vagina holds place to good bacteria which keeps the bad bacteria away. Douching can remove the good bacteria and messes up with the natural balance by altering the pH in your vagina. This will again lead to infections.

9. Deodorant spray

You don’t have to pamper your vagina to that extent where you spray a deodorant. The chemicals are not suitable for your vagina, and it’s just a horrible idea.

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