10 Little Signs He Doesn’t Only Want To Be ‘Just’ Friends With You

Every girl has that special guy friend in her life that is more special than rest of her friends. Things might be clear from your side but what about him? Have you ever wondered if he wants to be more than just friends with you? So, if you also have a male bestie then here are few little signs to decode his love for you!

1. He makes excuses to be alone with you

Be it going for coffee together or taking a short stroll, he doesn’t leave a chance to be alone with you.

2. He remembers tiny details about you

Be it your favorite restaurant, your favorite song or your favorite color, he remembers everything about you that none of your other friends do.

3. He gives you big and warm hugs

In comparison to other’s hugs, his hugs go on for longer.

4. He makes efforts to dress up for you

When going out with you, he makes an effort to dress up for you and wear clothes that you like on him.

Guy with the facemask

5. He likes talking to you and initiates texting

No awkward silences and small talks.

6. He protects you from other guys

And is always ready to fight for you.

7. He sits closer to you

It feels nice and not creepy.

Girl looking at the guy

8. He confides in you

He trusts you more than anyone else.

9. He never talks about his crush

Like never ever!

10. He flirts with you casually

He gives you genuine compliments and does healthy flirting.