7 Little Signs Your Friendship Is One-Sided

Friendship is a mutual consent as two parties are involved in it. You are  in a life-sucking friendship if you are the only one who feels drained. It is built on love and respect but it is not necessary that your friend values the friendship the way you do. Your friendship might be unbalanced if your friend contacts you only when she need some favor or never initiates plans. Here are 7 little signs your friendship is one sided.

1. You’re The Only One Making Plans
Your friendship is not equal if you are the only one who texts first or make efforts to contact them. Your efforts are not worthy if you feel that person will disappear if you’ll not contact them.

2. You’re Always Bending Over Backwards For Them
If your friend always tries to rearrange plans made by you according to her own will and never bother to help you in your stuff then she is not giving her best in the friendship.

3. They Treat You Like A Personal Therapist
If they always come to you to discuss their problems but never give you a chance to talk about your problems then your friendship isn’t balanced.

4. You Feel Exhausted After Being Around Them
Feeling emotionally drained by spending time with them is a major sign of unbalanced friendship. Instead of life giving, your friendship is life sucking.

I am not your friend

5. They Don’t Value Your Time
It time to move on if you have friends who are always late when meeting up with you or constantly rant about their own issues.

6. Your Friendship Feels Like An Obligation
Just because you’ve known each other since childhood doesn’t mean that you have to continue this friendship even when they take you for granted. You might end your friendship if you are not benefitting from it.

7. They Hide Things From You
One of the biggest sign of a fake friendship is that when you are truthful to them but they are not. They don’t share everything with you but you do.