9 Fashion Tricks You Can Try To Look Taller And Slimmer In Jeans

We all want to style our favorite garment in such a way that it should complement our figure and at the same time it should also make us look slimmer and taller. So, here are some styling tips that you can use to style your favorite pair of denim to flaunt your perfect figure.

1. Go For High Waisted Bell Bottoms

Bell bottoms are back with a bang, and you should also include them in your wardrobe to achieve the desired purpose. As they are well fitted around your butts and thighs so, they can flaunt your assets perfectly. They also have flares and wide bell bottom jeans with a fitted top will definitely make you look slimmer and taller.


2. Skinny Jeans With Stilettos

Simply wear your skinny jeans with a pair of classy stilettos to look slimmer and taller. Moreover a stylish jacket or top will do wonders for you. You can also wear skinny heels with a basic tee and jeans to redefine your style statement.


3. Crop Top With High Waisted Jeans

Crop tops are in very much trend nowadays. Go for a boxy crop top and wear it with a pair of high-waisted jeans and see the magic yourself. High waist jeans will also make you look taller.


4. Choose A Stretchable Fabric

No matter whether it is skinny jeans or flared one, the elasticity present in the fabric can do magic. Because of this elasticity, your legs will get the desirable shape, and you will have smooth curves.


5. Wear A Black Top

It is a fact that black color makes you look slimmer. So, even if you want to wear boyfriend jeans which don’t flaunt your figure in a real sense then you can wear a black top by tucking it in, and you have achieved what you wanted.


6. Wear a Long-ish Jacket

If you feel conscious because of your big butts and thighs, then you can wear a long jacket over your top. You will not only look stylish, but that long jacket will also cover up your things and butts.


7. Try Faded Jeans

Choosing faded, or acid wash jeans can work in your favor if pulled off in style. Wear jeans which are faded around the legs because it can make your legs look leaner and hence you will look taller.


8. Tapered Jeans

Tapered jeans which have a cut at the ankle will not only highlight your ankle but also make you look taller. Pair your jeans with white sneakers to enhance your look.


9. Denim On Denim

Wear a pair of a denim shirt with jeans as a combination of denim will indeed make you look slimmer. A straight vertical line will be created by the same fabric, and you will look taller.

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