9 Must-Have Dresses For Every City Girl

1. Little Black Dress

A little black dress should be there in every girl’s closet. Whatever the occasion is, this dress is your first choice. Wear it up with high heels and sparkling jewellery and you are ready for evening events. Be it a mini dress or little above the knee, this dress keeps women stylish and versatile.


2. Cocktail Dress

As compared to the dress normally worn during the day, the cocktail dress is more refined and polished. As its name suggests, this dress is worn after the cocktail hour i.e. after 7 p.m. For early evening parties, you can wear a dress where hemline rests above the knee and for late night parties, go for long or ankle length dresses.


3. Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are in trend nowadays. It is a flowing and long dress available in prints and plain designs. It can be worn in the day as well as in the night. Tall girls should opt for slip dress silhouette whereas halter maxi dresses, and Empire-waist dresses look good on curvier and flattering bodies.


4. A-Line Dress

This dress is wider at the bottom and slimmer at the top which creates the silhouette of a letter A. This dress is suitable for all types of bodies. The hemline of this dress varies from below the knee length to a mini skirt and can be worn on all types of casual occasions.


5. Tea Length Dress

Tea Length Dress is worn in the day time and is the best feminine garment which every woman must have. To enhance the look of the dress, lace, ribbons, bows are used which makes it a graceful dress. You can wear this dress to parties, evening events, summer weddings, etc.


6. Shift Dress

It is a simple dress, the hemline falls above or at the knee. You can style this dress as per your own choice. Dress them with pearls, high heels, and a hat or wear it with a cardigan and flats. They are so comfortable that you can even dance by wearing them.


7. Shirtwaist Dress

This dress was inspired form the shirts of men which have cuffed sleeves, collars, and front buttons. In this dress, there is a fitted top on the top and a skirt flows at the bottom with a belt on the waist. Shirt Waist Dress goes well on all body types.

8. Wrap Dress

It is a V-Neck dress which is available in all sleeves length. This dress looks attractive and classy. Made from knit fabric, the length of the dress varies from Mini to Maxi and can be worn in the office, at dinner date or at a dance party.


9. Evening Gown

An evening gown is that one dress which is the all time favorite garment of every woman as it can be worn to Gala functions, Prom parties, weddings, award ceremonies, etc. It is a long flowing dress which varies according to the formal or semi-formal functions. It is made of fabrics like silk, satin or chiffon and decorated with jewels and beads.