11 Things We Should Not Do While On Our Period

 Disclaimer: This article is sarcastic and is not meant to offend our readers. 

1. Cook Any Meals

Under any circumstance, do not enter the kitchen. God forbid, if we were to eat a snack and pick up a knife instead. What’s a little more blood, pouring out of us, eh?

Girl cooking

2. Use our phones

It starts out innocently enough. You pick up your phone to play a game of solitaire, and before you know it, you are texting your ex-begging him to take you back.

3. Exercise in any way

You feel bloated, and you want to feel sexy again. So you hit the gym. We understand that! But how about taking it easy for a week and then hitting the gym? In that manner, you will avert the chances of ruining your workout clothes.


4. Watch romantic comedies

Nothing good can come out of it. If you are single, you’ll miss dating and being in a relationship. If you are in a relationship, you’ll miss being single.

5. Eat chocolates

Don’t believe the clichés. Don’t stuff yourself with chocolate. Eat a few to curb your cravings, but don’t go overboard.

6. Start arguments

If you start a fight, chances are it is not going to end well. You are going to say things you don’t mean and ruin your friendship. It’s really not worth it.

7. Getting out of bed

Why to bother getting out of bed. You feel horrible, and nobody wants to be around you. Stay in your bed and catch up on your beauty sleep. Write a little and then go back to sleep.

8. Take a shower

We know you feel yucky and gross. So why waste your time standing in the shower? Just sit in a warm bath tub and watch the water turn red instead.

9. Doing housework

That pile of junk and those unwashed dishes aren’t going anywhere. So why tire yourself cleaning up after yourself when your default setting is ‘exhausted’. Once the ‘shark week’ is over, you can knock yourself out!

10. Eat fast food

Despite what women’s magazine say, fried food is only going to make it worse, so just skip the cravings. You are a grown ass woman, and you can control your cravings.


11. Sit at all

Lying down is much better than sitting. So, don’t bother even trying to get out of bed. Lie around and catch up on the extra sleep.