7 Romantic Movies That Are Perfect For A Movie Date With Bae

When it comes to movies, you and your partner might have different taste. But sometimes on weekends, all you want to do is just lay in your bed with your boyfriend and binge watch. So to make your weekend even more awesome, we’ve compiled a list of 7 movies that are perfect for a night in with your boyfriend.

1. Friends with Benefits
It is a story of a couple who full-time friends and part-time lovers. The story becomes interesting when their relationship takes a U-turn and everything changes.

2.  I Love You, Man!
It is a funny and cute love story. Watch this movie with your partner when you just want to have a good laugh. You’ll have a really good time while watching this movie with bae.

3. The Break Up
Your guy will enjoy seeing Jennifer Anniston and you both will relate to the several moments shown in the movie.

4. Titanic
Nothing is better than watching an all time classic love story with your boyfriend. So, grab a tub of popcorn and binge watch with the love of your life.

5. Wonder Woman
This movie is a perfect combination of action and romance and we are sure you both will love it.

6.  La La Land
You’ll fall in love with Ryan Gosling while watching this movie. It is a treat to watch and you just can’t afford to miss this one.

7. Way We Were
This classic movie will give you a warm fuzzy feeling. Watch it if you want to fall in love with bae all over again.

Happy Movie Day!