8 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Giving Your Ex A Second Chance

There are a lot of complications in every relationship. Sometimes we are able to get over them and other times it is best to start afresh. So, if you are also thinking of getting back with your ex then here 8 questions to help you decide if he deserves a second chance!

1. Is it worth it?
Do you want to start something new or let bygones be bygones?

2. Does he deserve it?
We all make mistakes but if it was his fault, has he made efforts to change himself?


3. Are you still in love with him?
Give him a second chance if you have butterflies in your stomach every time you see him and he makes you smile.

4. Why do you want to get back together?
Reasons like he knows you well or starting all over again would be difficult are not satisfactory. Before giving him a second chance, make a list of pros and cons.

5. What caused you to part ways?
No, we are not asking about whose fault it was but the fundamental roadblock in your relationship. Will you be able to fix it this time?

Girl fighting

6.  Did you have time to process the events?
Have you had time to think about issue like have you begin to heal and move forward in life? Did you consciously decide to not have him in your life?

7. Is this a rebound?
Before giving him second chance, you need to figure out if you are really in love with him or getting back with him just for the sack of being alone.

8. Did you have an honest discussion with him?
You are broken inside but you are willing to give him a second chance if he approaches the relationship in a same manner?