This Girl Tried To Decode What Snapchat Images Really Mean And It’s Hilariously Perfect

A blogger named Holly Carpenter tried to decode the real message behind every Snap sent by people so that in future you will be able to understand what someone is trying to tell you.

1. She is telling you that she is “single”.

2. She is trying to show that she is cute (#After5Attempts)

3. She is showing off her cooking skills

4. She just want to show off her cleavage as she got nothing better to do today.

5. She is trying to prove that she is naturally beautiful.

6. If you like her and she sends you something like this… be sound and do not screenshot! Once you break the screenshot trust there’s no going back.. But if she snaps you when she’s drunk it is a good sign!

7. She couldn’t take a selfie at this moment because probably she is wearing a facemask or she is without makeup so she decided to show her hand.

8. She wanna tell you that she is off-cloths and you can watch her like this.

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