6 Realistic Situations Where Love Is Not Enough

Life is not a fairytale! In real life, situations are different and every time there are no happy endings. The road gets tough and at times, love is not enough. We forget this important truth and get into some toxic relationships in the name of love. Love is not all that you need! Here are 6 situations where love is not enough.

1. When You’re Being Disrespected
Along with a feeling, love is also an action. Your love for each other is insufficient if you both don’t behave in a loving way. Love doesn’t mitigate things like not allowing you to speak freely, bad-mouthing you behind your back or Putting down your opinion.


2. When Your Partner’s Bad For You
Your partner shouldn’t only love you but should also be good for you. And a person who always makes destructive choices can’t be good for you. Your toxic partner might love you but he may not be capable of showing it in the way he needs.

3. When There’s A Pattern Of Cheating
Couples might recover from cheating but if it becomes a regular pattern then it’s an indication that someone is not happy in the relationship.


4. When Someone’s Abusive
Being abusive in many ways is easy and some sign are clearly visible. If your partner claims to love you but still tells you what to do, pressurize you to have sex or control your finances then it’s not really love.

5. When Someone’s With Someone Else
When you are in a committed relationship, loving someone who’s in another relationship is not acceptable. If your partner is involved with married people and he feels that you will not leave him in any situation then in this case, love is not enough.

6. When The Timing’s Wrong
Be it due to work issues, different goals, it’s better off single sometimes. If you are loving someone in this case then you are acknowledging them that deserve someone who can love them more than you.