10 Struggles Every Short Girl In The World Will Understand

1. Taking photos with your tall friends has never been easy because either their heads are cut off, or their chin is cut off. Taking a perfect picture is so hard


2. Annoyingly hung bathroom mirrors are your worst nightmare. You have to jump to put on makeup

3. Everyone thinks that your head is an armrest

4. People often think that you are underage

5. When you are shopping for groceries, you struggle to reach the top shelf if you need something, and it’s there


6. Going out for jogging with anyone taller than you makes you feel like you are running in Olympics marathon

7. Cooking always turns into a rock climbing session

8. You always have to sit super close to the stearing wheel so that you can reach the pedals when you are driving


9. You are limited with the option when you go out for shopping because nothing fits right

10. Your friends always hold your stuff over your head, and you just can’t reach it