9 Signs That Prove You’re An Independent Woman

1. You don’t let anyone to tell you “What to do” & “What not to do”


2. You prefer to pay your bills, and you believe in the theory of “Your bills are yours to pay!”

3. You know who you are, and you are not afraid to take the stand for yourself whenever it’s required. You don’t fail to handle any situation


4. You don’t like people to validate your thoughts and your lifestyle

5. You understand the importance of career and personal space in relationships


6. You don’t have unrealistic expectations, and you don’t have fairly tale fantasy

7. You are self-confident, and you don’t let other people affect your confidence


8. You are ambitious about your career, life, and relationship, and you know what you want to achieve in life

9. In short you are intelligent, confident, and you don’t lose control of your life