10 Silly Excuses Guys Make When They Are Afraid To Commit To A Relationship

Men often say that girls are complicated but who has ever dated a man knows that the opposite is true. Men often beat around the bush, hide their feelings and don’t tell the truth. And they give these lame excuses to women when they don’t want to commit. So to protect your heart from getting break, we at divazine have decoded few excuses for you. Read on to unlock the mystery!

1. ‘Yes, I like you but I don’t want you to get hurt’

Practically, he will be a terrible person who will drive you crazy and you will leave him in the end. Instead of breaking up with you, these guys would gain your sympathy and behave badly with you.


2. ‘I want to focus on my career’

Striking balance is important in life and you should prioritize things accordingly. And if a man says that he need to focus on his work and cannot be with you then you are not important enough for him.

3. ‘I cannot leave my girlfriend/ wife, she is crazy’

Men who cheat on their partners are terrible people. And they can’t be more awful if they call the person cheating on ‘crazy’. He is just using his wife/girlfriend as an excuse to avoid commitment in a relationship.

4. ‘My parents will not accept this’

You should not date a person who is a man-child and is still afraid of what his parents will think about his choice of partner. Rather he should get married to a girl of his parent’s choice.


5. ‘Let’s go with the flow, I am not ready yet’

Men who say this are taking you as an option. If things work out between both you, well and good. If not then he will not think twice to dump you!

6. ‘My last relationship was quite tough and I don’t want one now’

What he wants to say that, ‘all women are the same’. If he can’t differentiate between you and his ex girlfriend then there is no point in dating a man who is holding his pat against you.

7. ‘I think the time is not correct now’

There will always be someone’s marriage at home, important meeting, bad health and much more but whether you want to let these things come in between your relationship is up to you. People face several problems in a relationship but they just don’t break up saying the time is not correct.


8. ‘I will fall in love with you, if I stay with you’

This is the cheesiest line that has been stolen from the movies. Thus, if a man uses it on you then you know that he is making a lame excuse to not commit.

9. ‘I feel we both want different things from life’

Its okay to break up if you both are really different people but if your guy says it otherwise then he doesn’t want to commit to you. He would keep you confused always as he is afraid to spell this out and admit it like a gentleman.

10. ‘You deserve someone better than me’

Without putting a girl down, this is a man’s way of weaseling out of commitment. He thinks that you are oversensitive and won’t be able to handle the truth. And by this way, he will skip emotional drama and torture.