10 Simple Ways To Make Your Hair Look Thicker

If you want to make your thin hair look voluminous and thicker then look no further. Here are 10 easy tips and tricks to make your tresses look gorgeous and thicker in a jiffy.

1. Use mousse

Apply mousse to add volume to your thin and limp hair. In order to absorb the product easily, your hair should be damp at that time. By this way your hair will look thick and fuller.

2. Put a clip between your ponytail

Split your ponytail in half and hide a tiny clip there with the top section of your ponytail. Clip will add volume to your hair by lifting up your hairdo.

3. Change your part

Switch your part if you want to add some thickness to your hair. Part your hair from either of the sides, if you have a middle part.

4. Tease your hair

In order to add volume to your limp strands, teasing your hair is the best way. Take a small section of your hair and backcomb it. Spray each section to keep the teased strands in place.

5. Rinse with apple cider vinegar

Mix one mug of water with 2-3 tablespoons of ACV and apply the mixture on your scalp after shampooing and conditioning your hair. Repeat the process twice a week to reduce frizziness and add volume to your hair.

6. Buy a volumizing shampoo

You must invest in a good volumizing shampoo if your hair has low density and lacks volume. By using a volumizing shampoo, your hair will become bouncy and shiny.

7. Pancake braid

Pancake your braid to make your hair look voluminous. You only have to pull your hair and tug at your braid. Your hairdo will look fluffy and thick.

8. Fill in your hair part

Fill your hair part with black matte eye shadow. Creating an illusion of thick hair is necessary to make your hair look full of volume.

9. Use a volumizing spray

Use a dry volume spray to set your hair, once it’s dry. With the help of this, your thin and limp hair will get transformed into fluffy and gorgeous locks.

10. While blow drying, use your fingers

Detangle your strands by using your fingers while blow-drying. And during blow-drying, hold your hair up to prevent them to look thin and limp by sticking to your scalp.