8 Step Guide To You Need To Know For A Smooth Shave Down There

Getting your bikni area waxed is not at all easy. It requires a lot of courage to bear the pain on sensitive area and laying naked in front of the parlour lady. Thus, most of the ladies prefer to use razor in that area. It is a easy to do, quick and pain free method that can be done from the comfort of your home. To make your shaving experience even smoother, here is all you need to know for a smooth shave down there!


It is necessary to exfoliate before going for any kind of hair removal process. Choose a mild scrub and to remove dead skin, scrub your bikini area well. This process helps in shaving off ingrown hair properly.

2. Take a hot shower
Taking a hot shower will moisturize your skin and make it supple and soft. This is the ideal step to prepare your skin for shaving. And when your skin is soft and smooth, shaving will become much easier.


3. Choose the right razor
As compared to rest of your skin, skin in your bikini area is more sensitive. Don’t choose harsh and sharp blade. In order to maintain hygiene, change the blade regularly. A smooth blade will lead to better shaving process.

4. Stretch properly
Hold the razor firmly in one hand and stretch out the shaving part with your other hand. Use your middle and index finger to stretch out the skin. Before running the razor, make it taut and avoid making cuts.

5. Trim
If you want fuzz-free and smooth skin down there, a pre-shave trim is essential. If you will run a razor over long hair, then you’ll not get clean skin in the bikini area. Shaving process becomes more efficient by trimming your hair beforehand.


6. Be gentle
Be gentle with your skin and always glide the razor. Your skin will become sore by pressing it too hard. Instead of doing any good, it will do you more harm. Choose the right blade and don’t be harsh at the skin down there.

7. Shaving cream is a must
Using some shaving foam before using the razor is a smart step. In order to prevent irritation down there, don’t use scented or chemicalized product rather use a fragrance-free cream.