12 Super Simple Lazy Girl Hairstyle Hacks That You Should Try

1. Easy Chignon

It’s perfect for office when you are too lazy.

2. Twist and Pin

Place your bobby pin in “X” shape. Wola! Hairstyle Sorted.

3. Side Swept

Sweep your hair to one side, gather the section of hair at the nape of your neck and tie it with an elastic band.

4. Tuck and Cover

Place your headband on your head, grab the hair from one side and loop it around the headband, keep doing it until your hair reaches the middle of the headband and do the same for the other end of the hair.

5. The Bow Bun

Pull your hair into an untidy bun over the top of your head, leaving a small section of hair loose. Separate the bun into two halves and pull the loose section of hair over, securing it with bobby pins.

6. Voluminous Ponytail

Section your hair into two ponytails, and hide the bottom ponytail with the top ponytail to create fullness.

7. Easy Twisty Bun

8. Sleek Style

9. Knotty Style Pony

Use mousse for styling so that your hair can hold longer, separate your hair into two section, tie the hair and knot it and tie up the knot with the elastic band.

10. Messy Knot

Simply split your hair into two, and hold it with a bobby pin.

11. Turban Cover Hairstyle

12. Quick curls

Just, put your hair in a ponytail first and divide.