Slow is sexy AF; Few women prefer it over vigorous, energetic and fast sex anytime! Because this all-out-thrusting sex is not necessarily that much orgasmic for few women.

There’s a reason why women prefer slo-mo, according to a research men orgasm through intercourse in about 2 minutes of active thrusting whereas women take around 14 minutes, so are you getting my point? There’s a 12-minute thing! So if you slow down, you are giving your partner enough time to catch up and the orgasm now you’ll get will make you go crazy! Okay, let me tell you one more thing it’s not the same case with all the women around here. But still, there’s a special thing about this interactive, rhythmic and kind of slow sexy sex…..


It’s more interactive(very interactive!)
Now sex is more than the typical physical connection; it helps you to connect to each other on a next level. Slow sex gives you time and allows you guys to enjoy the pleasure. It’s much more intimate than fast *boom-bam* sex. For women, it’s kind of a romantic thing where you are showering her with your love and affection and not just considering it a task which you have to complete as soon as you are satisfied.

So if you always have that energetic and vigorous sex and still searching for true pleasure, try slowing down your pace. It’ll give you time to explore and understand what you like or dislike about sex. Here the cherry on the cake is you can change your pace at any time you want, so if you don’t like it go your way. But if you can be romantic by just moving slow, so it’s worth trying!

So now that you have completed reading this article, give your partner a call, maybe they are going to love this new trick of yours! 😛

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