10 Superb Korean TV Series Every 20 Something Girl Should Watch

For their comic and dramatic effect, Korean dramas are quite popular across the globe. So, you must be wondering what shows to watch, right? Well, here is a list of 10 amazing Korean TV series every girl should watch.

1. Boys Over Flowers

It is a story of a middle class girl who enters a prestigious school and encounters four bullies. It involves lots of action, heartbreak, drama and love! Along with its comic moments, this story will keep you captivated.

2. The Return Of Superman

This reality show is quite entertaining. It is about celeb fathers who are required to take care of their children without any help from their wives for 48 hours. This drama is both hilarious and emotional.

3. Princess Hours

When Shin Chae-Kyung finds herself betrothed to her classmate, her life turns topsy-turvy because he is the Crown Prince of South Korea. She marries him and to find out what happens next, you have to watch the show.

4. Who Are You: School 2015

At the time of birth, two identical twins that had been separated starts living separate lives. But when one of the twins gets lost, story takes a turn. It is an interesting drama followed by comedy and heartbreak.

5. Full House

A struggling writer with her friends goes on a vacation and when she comes back she finds that her house has been sold to a superstar. So, both of them start living together and the journey begins.

6. Secrets Of Women

Ji-Yoo when gets stuck in the darker side of things, she finds herself in a cruel world. And then begins her journey of taking revenge from people who have hurt her. It is a dramatic thriller and your heart will get racing with the trailer only.

7. The Unusual Family

It is about two countryside girls from the same family who have different dreams. But where these dreams will take them? Watch the show to figure out.

8. That Winter, The Wind Blows

A con-man who pretends to be the brother of a blind heiress, this drama revolves around his life. And when both of them meet their different experiences teach them the true meaning of life.

9. Emergency Couple

Emergency couple is a perfect story of love found and lost. It is an exciting journey of Chang-Min and Jin-Hee.

10. W: Two Worlds

This show has a very interesting storyline. Throughout the drama, you’ll keep on guessing what next as the story is quite original.