10 Sure-Shot Signs Of True Love

In this world, love is the most beautiful feeling. In most of the relationships, there is ‘puppy love’ phase in which there is a lovey-dovey feeling and attraction. But ‘puppy love’ has the tendency to get converted into real love that takes your breath away. Here are 10 signs it’s true love and not puppy love!

1. You both put in equal effort
You’re both holding the fort and take equal initiatives for each other. You know where you both are and do everything possible to be together.


2. You are okay with making compromises
A few compromises are okay for you because to you, love is the most important thing. You are not afraid of going an extra mile to keep the peace in the relationship.

3. You’re each other’s safe haven
With him around, you always feel safe and comfortable. You don’t take each other for granted and value each other’s love and efforts.

4. Your actions speak louder than words
This saying is very apt and appropriate in this case. You both show rather than tell. You keep your promises and never leave a chance to show your love to each other.


5. You understand each other’s point of view
Everyone is unique and have different point of views. Your love is here to last if you both understand each other well without being judgmental.

6. You trust each other
Trust is the basic foundation of any relationship. If he has never given you a reason to doubt him and you trust him implicitly then it’s a sign that your love is true love.

7. Your friends know
Unless people are serious about their relationship, they don’t introduce their partners to their friends. Your relationship is going to last long if friends of you both know about your relationship.


8. it’s not only about sex
For you, sex is a way of expressing love and intimacy. You indulge in your fantasies happily and always look forward to spend time with each other.

9. You are a team
You both have an amazing time together and are always there for each other.

10. You fight fair
While fighting, you never cross the line or hurt your partner. You don’t escalate issues rather sort them out. You never go to sleep angry.