9 Surprising Things Guys Prefer *Sometimes* More Than Sex

1. Their favorite meal

Food makes all of us happy and sometimes it gives you an orgasm (okay, maybe that’s too much). But a freshly cooked and warm dish can definitely make them really happy.


2. Massage after a long day

Guys love to get massaged especially after they have had a long and tiring day. They basically crave for it.

3. Cuddling

Yes, it’s not just the girls, but guys love cuddling too. After a long, exhausting day, all they want to do is sleep peacefully next to their partners.


4. Boys night out

Everybody needs a break from their daily schedule, and boys night out might be a perfect idea. He needs to get out of his work and spend time with his friends. It’s healthy.

5. Compliments

They love it when people boost their ego with compliments. Like any other person, there are times they feel a little insecure about their looks, and that’s when a compliment can make their day super great.

6. Surprise gifts

Do you want to make him happy? Then randomly gift him something he has been longing like a play station or a bag. You can also plan a weekend getaway with them. They will love being pampered.


7. Doing absolutely nothing

And there are times they want to do absolutely nothing. They just want to sit or lie at one place and pass the time. There can be nothing more relaxing than this.

8. Dirty talking

More than having sex it’s the dirty talking that turns them on. So, ladies, you know the key to a happy man here. Use it to your advantage.


9. Being asked about his day

This might sound something casual, but it can make someone feel really good. It’s nice to have a person who wants to know about your day, and you can whine about your problems to them. They love to have someone who listens to them.