8 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Start Having Sex

No words can explain the feeling of having sex. People who have done it know it, but if you are still a virgin, then a great surprise is waiting for you.

Here is the list of changes which occur in your body after the sexual intercourse:

1. Firmer Breasts

There are chances that after having sex for the first time, both your breasts might hurt but after few days you will see a massive change in the size of your breast and their hardness. Although, the size of the breasts keep on changing with the age but our advice to you is that you should buy new bras after having sex.


2. Delicate Nipples

Your nipples are the exciting part of your body just like your vagina. Similar to other parts of your body, your nipples also start experiencing a slight prickling or stinging sensation after having sex. They become that much sensitive that they can get excited by just one smooth touch.

Crying girl

3. Profusion of Happy Hormones

Happy hormones like endorphins, serotonins, and oxytocin, are released during and after the sexual intercourse period. When these hormones are released, they make us feel relaxed and stress-free, and we start loving ourselves, and that is why these hormones are called happy hormones.


4. Expansion and Contraction of Clitoris, Uterus, and Vagina

The organs of a virgin person down there are inert and untrained, but after having sex, these organs learn some tips of their own. So, next time during the sexual intercourse, in response to your male counterpart, your clitoris bulges, and your uterus arise automatically every time.


5. Change of Vaginal Elasticity

Another thing which changes after having sex is the elasticity of your vagina because, after your sexual debut, the letting “that” in the trick is learnt by your vagina. It doesn’t mean that if you have more sex, you have lose vagina. Only age and childbirth can make your vagina loose.


6. Functioning of Your Vagina

You might not have noticed that before having sex, to keep itself healthy, your vagina was working in a secret mode, but after sexual intercourse, you can experience that every time as your juices start flowing whenever you think about sex.


7. You Feel Thirsty

After sex, you start feeling thirsty as your body starts retaining more water. Although, there is no specific rule that it happens with every woman but a large number of women have experienced this. Many women also gain weight after their sexual debut because of the release of happy hormones.


8. Vile Mood Swings

Vile and Terrible mood swing happens after having sex because girls’ start feeling emotional as a bundle of intense emotions is open up. They can act moody and can cry out louder which is perfectly alright.

Angry girl

No matter how many times you had sex, your body shape and size continues to change throughout your life. But nothing to worry about that because it is normal and is a sign of good and healthy sex life. So, enjoy the moment and the changes which occur in your body after sex.