10 Things About Love And Sex You Should Know Before Turning 30

You might have started figuring things about love, life and sex, if you are in your mid-20, right? You might figure about love and life through the references of your friends and family but the sex education in India is still a taboo. By the time you reach your 30, you’ll identify your likes and dislikes and 20s is the only age where you can actually learn new things about people, yourself and the society. So, to make you ready for your 30s, here are 10 things you should know about love and sex before turning 30.

1. Accept your body the way it is

Women feel insecure and conscious about their body. And we fail to understand that everyone is beautiful in their own way. So, stop criticizing your body and accept it the way it is. Remember, no one is perfect and you should be comfortable in your own skin.

2. There is nothing like perfect couple

Romantic happy endings of chick flick movies and perfect couple doesn’t exist in real life. A perfect relationship is a complete myth! There are ups and downs in every relationship and every couple has to go through it together.

3. No drunken sex!

Alcohol makes men more domineering and aggressive as it deranges your mind. Thus, drunken sex is clumsy and you should avoid it.

4. Saying ‘no’ is completely okay

If you don’t want to have sex then there is nothing wrong in saying ‘no’. Be it going on a date or not getting married, learn to refuse for the things that you don’t really want to do.


5. Your guy will treat you the same way he treats his mother and sister

You can’t change the behavior of people as behavior patterns are inbuilt. Yes, your partner might change his behavior towards you but it will only be for few days. And he’ll be back to his original behavior after some time.

6. Protection is necessary

You are risking STD’s, if you are not using protection while getting intimate. When you let yourself loose, things go out of control, so using protection is a must!

7. Be open for trying new things

Say ‘yes’ for exploring new things or trying the same thing in different manner. Without caring about the rules, live your life and do things for your own pleasure.

8. Kissing says it all

The way your guy kisses indicates how he will be in bed. Be it naughty, biting, passionate or intense kissing, it gives you a hint of how he might be in bed.


9. Foreplay is necessary

Foreplay leads to longer sex and better orgasms. Ask your partner to build the mood and take things slowly.

10. Speak openly

Your guy will never judge you for anything, if he truly loves you. Communicate your feelings to him openly and freely and don’t hold back anything.